How to make moving a breeze, with children and the elderly

Moving is a life-altering change for anyone, but especially for children or the elderly. You should take the necessary steps to make it as comfortable as possible for them when you are making use of furniture removals Pretoria East.

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Explain moving and relocating to your children

To make the experience bearable for your kids, here are a few things you can do on your part.

  • Talk to them about the reasons behind the move.
  • Listen and try to understand their view on moving
  • Make sure to mention all the positives about the move.
  • Give them space to adjust in their own time.
  • Older children can help
  • Show them pictures of their new home.
  • Take them on a tour of the house and let them imagine what it could be.
  • Show them their new room and bathroom.
  • Say goodbye
  • Invite all your friends and family to your soon-to-be old house and greet the neighbors you will miss.
  • Go to all your favorite places and destinations in the community for the last time.
  • Allow them to take part in the packing
  • Throw away all the broken toys and donate other unused toys and old clothes.
  • Remember to keep a few toys aside for the trip.
  • Mark boxes with the most important items to be opened first at the new house.

Remind the elderly of the benefits of the moveartikel-5_pic2

Moving can be hard on older family members too. You will have to provide them with guidance and security.

  • Involve them in the house-hunting
  • Show them photos of all the houses you are looking at and also take their opinion into consideration.
  • Assure them that there is space for them and their belongings in the new house.
  • Let them know about the move in advance
  • Give them some time to adjust to the idea of moving and living in a new house long before the move.
  • Give them time to process the memories behind each item being packed.
  • They have to organize which items holds value and those that don’t.
  • Be considerate and give them a good amount of time to reminisce.
  • Create a lookalike
  • They will process the move a lot easier if their rooms look the same as in the old house.
  • Keep some items close by
  • The elderly may feel uncomfortable with leaving certain items with the movers. Keep these items safe and nearby.

Good luck with the move and all the new and exciting adjustments!

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